Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much does a Conflux Press book cost?

As with anything custom made, cost depends on the extent and complexity of the work and materials involved. Many factors can affect book cost, especially those associated with the "specs" of the project: paper stock, number of pages, the quantity being printed, and the printing method involved. After our one-hour free consultation when we discuss the author's "vision" for the book, we will be happy to provide detailed pricing.

2. How long does a project take?

Like cost, quite a bit depends on how complex a project is. Also, a lot depends on how final a "final manuscript" actually is. Numerous changes and late rewrites can slow a project down considerably. Generally, a trade book project takes from 6-10 weeks to complete. An edition of a handmade book may take longer to finish than a trade book. A project is slowest at the beginning, when we are designing the book to match the author's vision, creating cover concepts, choosing fonts, and so on. Once those early creative decisions are made, projects go to print relatively quickly. We try to accommodate authors with upcoming readings or special events, but sometimes rush jobs just aren't possible.

3. Who holds the copyright to my book?

The copyright to the work always remains the author's.

4. Are ISBN numbers available?

Yes, as well as pricing bar codes. You don't necessarily need an ISBN number and bar code to place your trade book in local independent bookstores, but they can help. We don't recommend ISBN numbers for handmade chapbooks.

5. How do I sell my books?

Sales and distribution are the responsibility of the author. We do our best to help sell books: we include all our books and author contact info on our web site; we attend and display Conflux Press books at book festivals; we even have organized a group reading for our poets. But mostly your success in selling your books is directly related to the effort you put into marketing yourself and your book. Some of our authors have had great success placing their books in independent bookstores in their local markets, as well as selling their books at readings and appearances and on their personal web sites. With an ISBN number, and other web sites also become an option.

6. What other services does Conflux Press offer?

Our clients may use any of the editing and design services we offer independently of a full book project (e.g. cover design). Most clients, however, choose to have us take their book from manuscript to finish for one affordable "package" price. All trade book packages also include 50 complimentary bookmarks based on the cover design of the book. Conflux Press also offers full print agency services for collateral materials, including brochures, press kits, business cards, announcement postcards, broadsides, and flyers.