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A chapbook is a short collection of poetry or, sometimes, prose, usually with fewer than 40 pages. It can serve as a writer's version of a business card—a way to get your name and work out into the world. Chapbooks often are a poet's first published work in book form. For more established poets a chapbook may be the preferred way to publish a special body of work (e.g. a long poem, a poem sequence, or poetry in a specific form or with a unifying theme). Conflux Press offers chapbooks in all formats, and specializes in handmade limited-edition chapbooks (see Page 3).

Please contact the individual authors directly
to purchase books by clicking on the author's name beneath each book cover.

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My Father's Lady, Wearing Black
Alex Frankel

Scattering Wind
Melanie Maier
Compass Points
CB Follett
Catalina Eddy
Lorine Parks
Compass Rose
CB Follett
The Long Birth
Jan VanStavern

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